Face and head massage - FACE Massage

Relaxation massage of face and head. Acupressure technique is used. Stimulates energetic points on the face and ears, supports perfusion of rootlets and thus helps its regeneration. It will help you to get rid of nervous strain and has very good anti-stress effects.

• 30 min. (500,- Kč)

Back and neck massage - BACK Massage

Massage focused on withdrawing the pain in the area of back, neck and shoulders. Brings release for your back. When preformed regularly it helps to get rid of chronic back pain. Combination of traditional Thai massage and stimulation of refl exive points of lines (meridians) on shoulders and neck.

• 30 min. (500,- Kč)
• 60 min. (800,- Kč)

Sports massage with natural oils - SPORT massage

Massage focuses on squeezing muscles and soft tissue, manipulation techniques and relaxation techniques. It is based on the classic massage technique. It helps to refresh and regenerate the muscles and supports better perfusion. This type of sports massage is specifi cally designed for fast release of tiredness.

• 60 min. whole body massage(800,- Kč)

Herbal oil massage - AROMA OIL Massage

Traditional refreshing massage with use of aroma of the natural herbal oils and acupressure. Evokes the feeling of both physical and psychical balance.

• 60 min. (800,- Kč)
• 90 min. (1200,- Kč)
• 120 min. (1600,- Kč)

Thai massage of hands, shoulders, neck, back, face and head - ANTI-STRESS Massage

Releasing acupressure procedure composed of massage of palms, whole arms and shoulders from the front side. Further there is a massage of neck, stimulation of lines (meridians) on head and fi nal relaxation massage of face.

• We offer 60 min. (800,- Kč)

Foot massage - FOOT Massage

Refl exive massage of feet activates the movement of energy. Herbal oils with relaxation effects are used. It helps to decrease the stress and brings overall release. Foot massage is ideal help for tired, heavy and swollen feet. Massage of refl exive points on your feet helps to keep the physical balance, improves the perfusion and relieves the whole body of tiredness. The 60 minutes version is completed with massage of neck, shoulders and face.

• 30 min. (500,- Kč)
• 60 min. (800,- Kč)
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